PALATINEP A L A T I N E (Performing Arts Learning and Teaching Innovation Network) was the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Dance, Drama and Music (2000-2011).

Our role was to provide, for our communities of practice in dance, drama and music higher education across the UK, high quality support, information, expertise, and resources on good, successful and innovative learning and teaching practices. We also promoted and transfered such practices to enhance learning and teaching activity in the performing arts HE sector in particular and to the wider higher education community.

We organised, ran and reported on conferences, seminars and workshops covering all aspects of learning, teaching and assessment in the performing arts. We funded pedagogic projects, through the PALATINE Development Awards scheme, that enhanced or supported dance, drama and music in higher education. We also undertook externally funded projects in association with organisations such as JISC, QAA, etc.

We focused our work around some key issues in higher education, particularly Assessment, Supporting New Academic Staff, and Employer Engagement. We supported and helped to maintain a series of networks within and across our main disciplines, and, as part of the Subject Network of the Higher Education Academy, we contributed to, and bring a discipline-perspective to, Academy-wide and national policy initiatives.

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